I know it is really difficult for you everytime but sometimes you also need to understand the reason behind ..i have never thought anyone rather than you in all my 7 years with you . It is really difficult for me to face your anger . I had always wanted you and always i will . The pain for me is not your anger , the pain is that you pretend not to love me and ignore me .. its okay not to talk but your behaviour towards me matter to me . I want to grow older with you and i want to spend rest of my life with you but not all with these fights between us . These are more than enough now . Please trust me i would never ever thought to leave you and never thought of anyone else … i love u more than anything ..


I have tested another a thing with my “shiny new shirt” that I as of recently purchased and exactly what I did to it I washed it one of my different dress and which left a shading blue on that shirt and after that to expel the shading I googled to discover the strategy to expel the shading from the shirt, I watched a great deal of recordings, so at long last subsequent to watching I attempted to test those strategies on the shirt. I attempted three techniques and I would portray the outcomes with all the three strategies.


The primary technique that I thought of was scouring the lemon as I was a lot of hesitant to put some in-your-face synthetic concoctions or cleansers on the shirt. so the main technique I began with the extremely fundamental one. I simply cut the lemon into two pieces and began scouring all once again the shirt in the wake of doing this initial step I put a portion of my day by day utilized cleansers and splashed the shirt into the water for 20 to 30 minutes. the shading was coming out and inside I was sitting with blended emotions cheerful and apprehensive. so I took the shirt out and held it for drying under the sun yet think about what didn’t got the outcomes as I anticipated.


Along these lines, the second method I concocted was the white vinegar I again crushed the shirt into the water and this time, not cleanser or lemon it was the white vinegar I put a portion of the vinegar on head the shirt and included some into the water and guess what! The water began turning blue and shading began blurring from the shirt I felt very glad and I absorbed it for 30 minutes the vinegar after I again held it for drying under the sun. This time the outcomes were better than the primary technique I felt glad.


Presently, at last, the last advance which gave me some help and it worked and I felt so proud of myself. The item which included was the oxy dye activator which is utilized for facial hairs to blanch them. so I included some of it into the water and again doused the shirt into it for 30 minutes and the last help I got the outcomes and I understood that I am better for something LOL!!

I would advise people to follow these steps and it would definitely give you the results.

The beginning – something about me and the name fusion

So , here i am gonna start and what the fusion is all about . The word “FUSION” is really and eyecatchy word that i find . Fusion refers to a mixture of lot of things which fuse together and this is something similar to me , by this i meant that there are a lot of thoughts that are running in my mind and want everything to express through my blogs and tell you something about my passion. So, the word fusion is also something the same , the fusion blog posts will tell you about a variety of things like fashion, some truths of everyone’s daily life , trends , people around you and many more things . So this is all about the fusion , so here the journey from my very first blog begins ….#The way of of living # Fusion

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